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    I now have at least 3 browsers on my Prism other than the Omnisky browser that I use for different purposes. I recently discovered that Proxiweb opens zip files and allows you to download applications directly into the Visor via the Minstrel. Blazer has awesome color and decent speed and doesn't have the data limits that Avantgo has. Avantgo is good for reading news in those many areas of poor CDPD coverage. I understand that Proxiweb (soon to be known as Browse-It(I think) plans a color product soon. Have I missed any truly good browsers? In my opinion, Proxiweb's download capabilities make it the current king of the hill.

    Any comments?
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    I've tried all those (except Omnisky), but prefer EudoraWeb which is packaged with Eudora in the Eudora Internet Suite 2.0.There's no proxy server, but I found it faster than the others when downloading non-proxied sites. And it doesn't get stuck when sites are downloading slowly or the service isn't available, which drove me crazy with the other programs. It's easy to set up and use, and works well with Eudora's e-mail program.
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    My current favourite is PalmScape. It can't handle zip files, but can install .PRC's directly. It's also the only browser that can handle frames decently (I know ProxiWeb/Browse-it shows the links, by it doesn't give any sort of 'context' to them).

    I don't understand why everybody says that Blazer is so fast, when I tried it it was soooo sloooooow, and I couldn't get it to show images!!
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    I like PalmScape, too. I might not qualify to vote since I don't have any kind of modem. But PalmScape comes with PalmScape cruiser, which is a conduit that goes around the web & collect the site you specify & download it onto your Visor with HotSync. Also PalmScape Mail is available for use with PalmScape.

    Currently Palmscape 3.0 English version is beta & free. Their site says beta version expires on 12/31 but I would think they will somehow let you use it for free because their Japanese version is free if you don't need technical support.

    BTW Hanspring bundled PalmScape free version with Japanese version of Prism.

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