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    Hello. I have an aluminum case that has a plastic screen so you can use the Treo and view the LCD screen without opening the case. However, on the edge where the plastic screen meets the aluminum casing, it casues a mirror-like effect onto the LCD screen. When you look at the LCD screen, you can see it 'shinier' in that portion due to the plastic screen. This causes a concentration of light to beam onto the LCD screen (sort of like a magnifying glass with a beam of light). This localization of light has caused my LCD screen to discolor on the side. It appears 'bluish' and discolored. I want to know if this is a common issue on the Treo, or is it indeed caused by the localization of light from the plastic casing. If the latter is the case, what can I use to prevent that, or is it not preventable (i.e. change the casing for something else). Also how can I fix the current discoloring? I changed the display settings to full brightness, figuring the extra outpout of light will fix the problem. Thanks in advance
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    please help!

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