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    I tried to search this but came up empty. I saw a 4 gig sd card for about 230 dollars. Will it work on treo 650?
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    Nope, 2Gig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtwo
    Not yet. The 650 will need a patch to be able to read a 4GB card, whether a patch is coming, I do not know. Max right now for the 650 is 2GB.

    Cheers, gtwo
    gtwo...I did an exhaustive search of the archives and found an old link (a few years old) that seemed to infer there was a patch floating around that would allow formatting the card to FAT32...

    I posted a follow-up in the Accessories forum, to see if anyone had made any progress with the fix...half hoping yes, but half assuming no...

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