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    My wife's 650 has begun to reset in a slow motion loop. What I mean is it will reset, come up all the way again, turn on the phone and connect to Natl Access. About 30 seconds later, the reset will occur again. Says the reset was caused by "phone" fatal error most of the time. I decided to stop it from connecting to Natl Access (Verizon) on its last reset and the resets stopped. Any explanations? Any suggestions? Obviously we need Natl Access to connect to the internet and such. Thanks for your time
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    If it has stopped resetting, maybe a zero out reset (not easy) will get the Treo back to factory clean state.
    Then rename your hotsync backup folder on your PC to old backup or something.
    When you hotsync again, just make sure that it all works ok before installing any 3rd party apps, as one of them will probably be the cause.

    All my Treo 650 problems have been solved with a zero out reset. It is more effective than a hard reset.
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    mine is caught in a constant loop and i cant even get to the home menu to remove apps...i synched b4 this happened so will the zero out reset cause all of my data to be gone forever?
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    Press the "up" button during the reset to do a Warm reset. That resets the Treo without running anything on startup. That will stop the loops.

    If you re-sync after a hard or zero-out reset, you may get back the application/condition that was causing the resets.

    Worth a try anyway.

    If you move everything out of the Backup folder then you won't have any 3rd party application installed on Hotsync, but will get your calendar, tasks, contacts, memos and pictures (in RAM) back after hotsync.
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