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    I have a unlocked Cingular Treo 650 on T-Mobile and want to know which updater I should run. Will running an updater lock the phone again?


    - Lou
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    There is - nor will there be - an updater for T-Mobile, as T-Mobile does not sell the Treo 650. You can use the unlocked GSM updater when it comes out, or you can try any of the 1.17 variations floating around (see other threads in this forum).
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    With T-Mobile, since they don't sell the Treo, you will have to either use the Cingular updates or PalmOne updates.

    I use 1.13sw and 1.43fw on my unlocked GSM on T-Mobile, works rather nicely.

    Two others here with Cingular using 1.13/1.43, one locked and one unlocked. They work rather well also but that is on Cingular.

    For now, you may want to update to 1.13/1.43 until PalmOne releases their update.
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    Make life easy on yourself....use the Cingular (CNA, CNB, or CNG) updater for the version you're using. The update will not affect the "unlocked" status of your phone.
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    Cingular 1.17/1.51 Updater worked well for me. I have a Unlocked T650 on T-Mobile.

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