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    Does anyone know of any seasonal discounts about to be announced at PalmGear or any of the other download/sales sites?

    My trial period has just run out on CallRec, and I'll be kicking myself if I register it today, only to find out that tomorrow I could have got a 10% discount.

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    20% off discount code
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    20% off discount code
    Thanks Franko

    By the time my 17.5% VAT (UK tax) had been added, the 20% meant that at least I paid just under the normal $19.99

    Worthwhile asking, and a good app as well
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    Darn, Wish I would have checked here earlier today. I just bought Bike or Die for the full price from Handango. Well maybe I'll see if they will refund the diff. Well Its not an expensive game anyway, would have saved me $3.00 though
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    That code is single-use only, so load up on your order.
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    Treonauts posted a 20% off today for its software store. Good until Dec. 26th.
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    Thanks for the holiday helpers

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