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    Just to update: Version 1.1 does not hang and seems to work well among all versions released. 1.4 has a 5 second delay and displays what is being saved by the app. This feature causes some resets to just hang. V1.1 does not have this feature so I dont get any hangs. I have not lost any saved and unsaved preferences today when normally I do.
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    New version of hack. One reason for UI hangups was removed.

    New YAHM was compiled with newest YAHMLib sources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by igor_n View Post
    New version of hack. One reason for UI hangups was removed.

    New YAHM was compiled with newest YAHMLib sources.
    So far so good, using it with treo 680. I just see the >pref open db on the start of the reset display. Is this only on the 680?
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    When I reset, I now dont get access to the sd card. Im not sure if this is related to the fix syncbeforereset provides. It has been previously discussed that unmounted sd card is a problem with some users having apps that conflict at startup.
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    The sd card unmount issue has no relation to syncbeforereset. So far 1.5 working well with my 680.
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    >PrefOpenDb was the test message I set to check the place where PrefDb fails to be opened. After month of checking I think that PrefDb deletion happens out of hack lifetime, somewhere inside boot process.

    SD card loss seems to be something magic: some time ago my SD disappears, but device has found it after first turning screen off. All apps were moved to card, but sd loss still happens. Later this problem goes away by itself.
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    So far no lost preferences. I have stopped using Preference Doctor as sync before reset fixes the problem. I have yet to encounter a reset that is not catched by your hack. Great work on this version !

    With regards to the sd card not being detected, maybe you can make a hack to fix this. According to some developers , its a race condition on notification during start up with some apps that causes sd not to be recognized. if you can make a hack that gives priority to the sd card being recognized at startup, that would be a big help to the treo community.
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    I have been using this application (before no problems) and still no problems. An added degree of protection. Ben
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