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    Hi all:

    I'm sure I've seen this somewhere...

    There's a program (I think by Palm) that will make the Treo look to the PC as if it was an SD card reader.

    As I recall, you connect the Treo to the PC with the Hotsync cable, run the program, and then the PC thinks that the Treo is another drive.

    Can somebody tell me the name of this program? A link to it would be wonderful.

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    Palm file browser is freeware you can also use Card Export II
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    That's the one I was thinking of! And such a fast reply!

    In fact, I think it might have been your post I originally saw it in. I just couldn't remember where...

    Thanks again for the info, and quick response!
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    Thanks fior the fast response and link.

    I've just downloaded it, and I'm goiong to try it out.

    You're great!

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