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    [edited...I have finished summing up the entire old thread (from posts 1 to 420). If the app didn't have at least 3 entries...I left it out. I'll update the links when I get a chance as well as add the posts in this thread.]
    I just added some quick descriptions to most of the posts.

    I finally got my treo and I went searching through the last "Six Applications you couldn't do without" thread looking for this summation. I figured this would be a good first post in a new thread. Thanks to dheymann for originally summing this up. here is a count from post 1 to post 420.
    Applications in Red are free for the 650...if I missed one, let me know and I'll add it!

    PocketTunes Deluxe 54 - Music Player with streaming
    Directory Assistant 46 - Automatically queues YellowPages w/ more features
    Zlauncher 43 - Launcher
    Docs to Go 39 - View Office files
    Snappermail 35 - Versamail Alternative
    Chatter 33 - Versamail Alternative
    Verichat 31
    Agendus 29 - Contacts/Datebook alternative
    Filez 29 - File maintenance
    KeyCaps650 26 - Keyboard upgrade
    Butler (alarms, launcher) 22 - 8 Utilities including remote lock/keyguard/alarms/navigation/etc...
    The Core Pocket Media Player "TCPMP" 22 - Free media player (music/video)
    Backupman 20 - Backup
    splash I'd 19 - Information keeper (bank accounts, passwords, etc)
    Uninstall Manager 18 - Uninstall Manager
    Backup Buddy 18 - Backup
    Card Export II 15 - Makes your computer see your SD card as a removable drive
    Datebook 5 15 Contacts/Datebook alternative
    PowerRun 14 - Launcher
    Launcher X 14 - Launcher
    TAKEphONE 14 - Phone alternative
    2day 14 - Quickview calendar
    VolumeCare 14 - Increase Treo volume
    splashmoney 11 - Money tracker
    Treo Alarm 10 - Alarm
    MMplayer 10 - Media player
    Express 10
    Voice Dial 9 - Voice Dialing
    eReader 9 -
    Vindigo 8
    AvantGo 8 - Downloads previously picked channels
    eWallet 7 - Money tracker
    Kinoma Player 6
    Blazer 6 - Internet viewer
    TreoGuard 6
    Audible 6
    PXA Clocker Speed up DBs 6 - CPU hack
    SplashPhoto 6 - Photo viewer
    Versa Mail 6 - Standard email
    Xiino 6 - Web Browser alternative
    Converter 6
    Ringo 6 - Ringtone manager
    LEDOff 5 - LED (light) manager
    mobileCLOCK (formerly Bob's Alarm) 5 - Alarm
    Flight Status 5 - Flight Status
    KB Lights off 5
    Tom Tom Navigator 2004 5 - GPS
    Causerie Messenger 4
    4Cast 4 - 2Day plugin
    Picsel Browser 4
    KMaps 4
    Resco Explorer 4 - File Manager
    mSafe 3 - Bank/Password manager
    HiLauncher 3 - Launcher
    Aeroplayer 3 - Music Player
    Lightwave 3
    HanDBase 3
    TodayPlus 3 - Quickview calendar
    Phone Technician - six phone utilities including ringtone support
    Initiate - Quick Launcher
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    Should be made a "sticky" in the Applications forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Should be made a "sticky" in the Applications forum.
    Good idea.
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    Since this is a sticky...I started to add links to the list This should help a bit more.
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    Nice work RicoM!
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    Volume Care!!!!!
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    I've located all the programs and linked them (minus the two in red). I couldn't find the official TodayPlus Palm site and when I googled "free TCP media player", I received too many hits to know what the correct app was. So, if you have either links, please post it and I'll update it. Also, if you notice any links are wrong, let me know and I'll update that as well. Enjoy.

    Also, there's a few links in there that aren't to the developer's page, but to a retail source to download the program. I'd prefer to have a link to the developer's page, so if you have any better info, let me know.

    [edited....last two have been linked]
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    RicoM, thanks for all of your efforts!!

    Here's the TCPMP link:
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    I think the free TCP player you mean is TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) at The best companion to it in order to copy the DVD to a format that can be loaded and played from TCPMP is Fair Use Wizard at
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    Looks good, I can't believe more people did not put down a backup program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    Looks good, I can't believe more people did not put down a backup program.
    Whatddya mean?

    Backupman and BackupBuddy are there (although I prefer Resco Explorer and Resco Backup myself).
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    I would like to add the following apps:

    Graffiti Anywhere 2
    Opera Mini

    I found all of them quite usefull. And most of them are Freeware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Whatddya mean?

    Backupman and BackupBuddy are there (although I prefer Resco Explorer and Resco Backup myself).
    Yeah, I know there listed. I just figured there would be higher numbers for a backup program. To me a backup program is "needed" much more than say Pocket Tunes.
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    I agree JohnH59. I guess many people have backups on their computers when they sync? I know I get one when I use Missing Sync. Still, I bought and use BackupBuddy myself

    Great job on the list and links. Thanks!
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    Wow. This is nice. Thanks a lot.

    People don't like resco explorer and backup? Not in the list at all??? wow.
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    Updated the list with the remainding posts in the original thread.
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    Wow! CallFilter is not on list?
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    Interesting to compare the above with the list here:
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    Descriptions beside all of these files would be awesome
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    I thought Phone Technician was a popular "essential".
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