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    The only reason I bought this phone was so I could use the web browser feature and msn software I downloaded while I'm waiting for my bus or whatever, but I can't use these during the day because I might miss an important call

    Is there any possible way to be able to surf the internet and still be able to receive incoming calls, or am I pretty much screwed?
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    ^ Unfortunately, there is not a way to use the web browser, actively transferring data, and receive calls at the same time.

    Now, the GSM (Cingular) Treo handles voice and data a *little* better so that if you are not "actively" transferring data an incoming call will come through. I have experienced this quite a bit: I'll be using Blazer, and it will seem as if I am transferring data, but I'll still receive calls.

    The CDMA (Sprint and Verizon) Treo does not handle data and voice quite as well in that active data transfers are not "released" as fast. So, in other words, you may have completed downloading a page in Blazer, but the data connection will still remain active for a short time longer than the GSM versions. Unfortunately more calls are missed this way.

    Hope I answered your question (in a round-about sort of way)
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    Interesting, I didn't even know this was an issue. I've recieved several calls while browsing the internet (Cingular GSM). I'll pay more attention to it now.
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    Damn, my phone is through Telus.

    I guess I could always get a regular cell for talking, and this can just be another toy
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    Are you locked into a contract now with the Treo 650? If you aren't, then I'd recommend just getting a regular PDA + cell phone. That would probably save you some $.

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