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    I am trying the software "Voice dial it" on my treo 650. The software does not allow me to voice dial from my headset.....I need to voice dial from my motorola wireless headset.

    I am utterly dismayed and upset that Treo 650 and other software does not seem to support this very necessary function. Do they ever use their own product?

    Any one out there figure out a way to do this or is there an upgrade or software I can acquire to rectify this problem?

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    I think it's the limitation of the Treo's bluetooth and not the app or your headset. To my knowledge, you can't use VoiceDial via bluetooth.
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    This is my biggest complaint with the Treo. Even the crappiest phone I ever hard, which I think Verizon actually paid me to get, had voice dial. It's almost inexcusable to leave this feature out.
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    Yep, it's the Treo and not headset or the discussed a couple days ago:
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