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    Does Chatter have a search function to search emails in a particular folder for a word or phrase? Like the 'Find' function for Outlook or the 'Search' in PalmOS that looks in all your contacts/calendar/tasks. I like a quick way to find emails that reference a particular term or phrase. I'm using a T600 with Fastmail via IMAP. Thanks in advance!
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    The Palm's "Global Find" should work with Chatter...

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    ^ Yes it does, and it works quite well. I use it quite frequently, however, if a search term has many hits it can take some time to get to the "Chatter" section in global find.
  4.    #4 there something I have to do to make the PalmOS global find look in Chatter? I enter a subject of one of my emails and it doesn't come up in the "Mail Messages" section. I don't have a "Chatter" section in the find results. Any ideas?
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    Oops...nevermind. I'm so used to launching the "Find" function from the home screen I never tried searching while I was viewing the inbox in Chatter. It gives me the Chatter search results when I do it from there. Thanks for the help!

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