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    I downloaded agendus 10.04 today and now my treo is defaulted to Friday, January 1 1904.
    None of my meetings or tasks transferred to Treo.
    Desktop still has all information.
    I tried synching desktop overrides handheld with no success.

    Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonssports

    Any suggestions?
    Sure....grow a handlebar moustache and trade in the Chevy for a horse-drawn buggy.....

    Sorry, couldn't help it.
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    its a palm issue not AGP
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    He posted over at Iambic that a soft reset solved the issue.
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    this is a known issue with palm os sometimes losing track of time and reverting to 1904, for some enabling network time worked for others it caused more problems. in either case you need a way to update treo date/time.
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