I wanted to go through the steps again using POSE, but I have not had a chance. But for the really adventurous, here is what I did in general to make the eyemodule-2 conduit operational.
  • First get eyecontact operational, see my previous post.
  • Install the eyemodule-2 conduit on you desktop. At this point, if you HotSync, nothing happens. Why, is because a conduit only runs if the corresponding application is found on the handheld. So...
  • I made an application that would trick the conduit into running. To do so, I took the code that I call the smallest PalmOS application. One should be able to build this application in Code Warrior, GCC-PRC-Tools, or On-BoardC.
  • This application has only one needed resource. You could add an icon if you wanted to, but I did not bother. Anyway, the one and only resource is an alert with a title of something like "Stub", a message of "^1" and one button "OK". I gave the Alert an ID of 1000.
  • The source code:
    #include <Palm.h>
        Word cmd,
        char *cmdPBP,
        Word launchFlags)
        if ( cmd == sysAppLaunchCmdNormalLaunch ) {
                "This is a stub place holder application.",
                " ",  " " );
        return 0;
  • Build the application, with a file name of "Burk Stub" and a creator ID of 'Burk'. The resulting application is less than 1k in size.
  • Install this application on your Handspring device, and you should now be operation. The easiest part, is that you can now use the eyedrop desktop application to install new images onto you device as opposed to going through those long steps of my previous post.

Caveat: I know that I bumped into some problems while going through this originally. I remember that the Hotsync failed with some sort of fatal error. I do not remember what the resolution was. Maybe you will see this problem maybe not. As I said, I wanted to go through this again with POSE, but I have not had a chance.

Big Nasty Warning: One is not suppose to have two different applications with the same creator ID. Therefore do not install this stub application on a Visor with an eyemodule. Remove this stub application from any Visor before installing an eyemodule into it. If one does not, very strange, and possibly bad things may happen. Exactly what? I do not know.