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    Anyone know if its possible to dissable charging of the battery when the unit is plugged in, for example in the handsfree kit, but maintain full functionality of the kit otherwise?

    I know modern batteries are not supposed to suffer from memory effect, but the simple matter of fact is they dont like it. not in my experience anyway, I'm getting thru batteries because I'm forever in/out the handsfree kit. I want a way to dissable charging untill I want it to.. or maybe even better control, say not to charge unless battery is 10% or less, or ask me first if i want to charge or not for example..

    Any programs out there? or is it hardware?
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    The Treo 600 uses a Lithium ION (Li-ION) battery and NOT a NiCAD battery.

    NiCAD batteries have the memory problem and need to be deep discharged once in a while.

    Li-ION batteries do not have a memory problem. In fact if Li-ION batteries are drained down to less then 30% repeatedly you will shorten the life of the battery. If you take a Li-ION battery down to 0% you might not be able to fully recharge it again. The Treo will turn off well above 0% to try and save internal memory from being lost.

    Bottom line is that if you leave the Treo in the charger most of the time you will have a much longer battery life. That's the way Li-ION batteries work.
    You can search the WEB to verify this information.


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