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    Well, the treo 700 is going to come out fairly soon and so I figured why not wait for the treo 650 to drop in price and finally purchase one? I'm currently a cingular user but am not too thrilled with their data plan nor verizon's. My friend has an unlocked treo 650 and hopped on over to T-Mobile with a 20$ unlimited data plan but I'm still skeptical about either plans. Maybe if I were to access the internet using the wi-fi adapter and going with only a phone plan would be a better choice? I'm still uncertain because checking out all the forums, everyone says how horrendous the reception is with cingular and I don't know whether or not to go with an unlocked GSM model or to be tied down by a CDMA model. Has anyone been in the same situation as myself or have any advice to give? I really do appreciate it as I'm unsure and my plan is going to end very soon.
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    I've had sprint and the service is average. The same problems as cingular, better than Tmobile and not as good as verizon. If price is a consideration then it is the best. If you can't get a good signal where you'll be using the phone most then no service is any good.
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    Originally, I had an unlocked 650 on Cingular. Between lousy GSM coverage in my area, and Cingular's error-prone billing, I finally sold it and got a Sprint 650. Sprint coverage in my area is as good or better than Verizon's, and their pricing is excellent as well. In the end, you should choose the carrier that has the best coverage where you will use the 650....
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    There really isn't anyway a person can give you advice on which service provider best suits your needs.

    Unless of course that person travels in the same exact locations you do on a daily basis. Not likely. Service differs from region to region.

    If you're worried about Cingular's coverage, or any other provider, try to find some people in your area who have it and ask. This is also why every wireless company offers a trial period. You take the phone home and test it out. If the coverage is no good you bring it back and cancel.
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    The best service provider is the one that has coverage at those places where you are most likely to use your phone. I use my phone most at home and because the “Can you hear me now?” guy hasn’t made it to my neighborhood I use T-mobile. I get a full 4 bar T-mobile signal at my house and no Verizon signal. I also travel to Europe frequently and T-mobile works flawlessly there. I also like the T-zones data service. For $5.00 per month you can get almost complete Internet access. It takes a bit of fiddling with the Treo to set up all the proxies but it is worth it.
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    Thanks for the prompt response guys. and to Igreenberg, I was unaware of a trial period that wireless companies offered. I might have to inquire about that. Maybe I'll just find the best phone coverage and be stuck with that bulky wi-fi sled eh? When will the wi-fi sd card be viable =(. Well me residing mostly in new york, wi-fi accesibility won't be an issue but the other options of switching over to T-Mobile and getting there medianet plan for 5.99 is also a pretty good deal. Just please, keep me away from Cingular and Verizon's frigging 40 - 45 dollar unlimited data plan.
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    If I'm not mistaken T-Mobile's trial period is 30 days.

    Verizon offers 14 days.

    You only pay for what you've used in the trial period if you decide to cancel.
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    I use Cingular on an unlocked 650 and love it. I use the unlimited Media net for $19.99.
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    i've been gone for a while - when's the 700 due out?
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    The treo is a mere month away as most are speculating (January). However, being that it's exclusively under Verizon's plan, you are basically stuck with a CDMA phone that utilizes the Windows OS. If you do wish to wait for approximately 6 months, a GSM model will be out soon and you'll then also be graced with the PALM OS version being the 700P. Now my only question is that because I'm probably only going to be using the Wi-FI capabilities, should I just wait and get the 700 so that I can us the wi-fi SD card or get the 650 for a lot cheaper and carry an extra 2.5 lb weight? HRMRMRMMRMR

    Oh also, the Verizon network is offering the EV-DO high speed network but their unlimited data plan is a whopping 40 dollars a month. And may I throw in the fact that the Motorola Q should be available in the nearby future to compete with the Treo 700. Now I'm totally unsure of what to do. I'm pretty inclined to go for an unlocked GSM model and going for the the cheap data plan with T mobile for 5.99, or adding my line to my brother's for 9.99 and getting Medianet for 19.99. But because it's not the unlimited data plan, will my internet capabilities be capped? Then again, I could shell out the dough for the 700 and be stuck with verizon, but utilize the wi-fi sd card and just access the internet through there. Or maybe I can get the motorola Q and be a little more savy with my phone. Damn, so many choices, so little time =\
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    Wi-fi access is pretty much superfluous if you get an unlimited data plan. T-mobile and Cingular already have EDGE rolled out and it is pretty speedy. I am not sure how it compares with EV-DO.
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    I have yet to have any issues w/ my VZW T650!!! They rock in my haunts for Voice Coverage!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg

    If I'm not mistaken T-Mobile's trial period is 30 days.

    Verizon offers 14 days.

    You only pay for what you've used in the trial period if you decide to cancel.
    IIRC, Cingular is the only carrier offering 30 days and nobody else's trial period is more than 14. Unless something's changed recently...
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    You can get a very nice Sprint plan that includes:

    Sprint Vision or Power Vision Free
    - Unlimited Web access
    - Unlimited email and instant messaging - AOL, MSN and Yahoo
    - Unlimited Sprint PCS Picture Mail(sm) with Video Mail

    Power Vision(sm) Phones available: Samsung A940, Samsung A900, Sanyo MM-9000, Sanyo MM-7500

    Sprint PCS Vision(sm) Phones available: LG VI-125, LG PM-225, Samsung VI-A820, Sanyo VI-2300, LG PM-325, Samsung PM-A840, Sanyo MM-8300, Samsung MM-A880, PalmOne Treo 650

    Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes
    Unlimited Mobile To Mobile Calling
    Nationwide Long Distance
    Voice Mail
    Caller ID
    Call Waiting
    Numeric Paging
    Three-Way Calling
    Call Forwarding ($0.20/min)
    Sprint PCS Directory Assistance ($1.40 per call, plus airtime)
    Casual Text Messages ($0.10 per message)
    Plan minutes are anytime minutes

    All of the above are included in three different plans:
    $30.00 -> 500 anytime minutes
    $49.99 -> 1250 anytime minutes
    $99.99 -> 2500 anytime minutes

    You can sign up at:
    You need to enter a Sprint employees' email address and your zip code. Orders from the above site are handled by Inphonic. Some people say to stay away from them, some people haven't had problems with them. I didn't want to take any chances with them so I went to a local Sprint store, signed up with a new contract and got my Treo 650, then the next day I called customer service to get my plan switched to the $30.00 from that Sprint SERO site. When I did it, it still included free unlimited text messaging, but they have since removed it from these plans.

    Check out this thread at Howardforums for more info. on it:

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