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    Ok so I'm schemeing outside the reservation a little bit, but I want to know if there's anyone out there thinking along these lines.

    You can buy data plans from most service providers with unlimited access for between $20 and $50. Since the TREO is basically a small computer couldn't you use a VOIP program to use your TREO as a cell phone without actually paying for cell phone use? I figure if I can get this funtionality working as well as using the TREO as a modem so I can dump my ISP as well, I can save over $100 a month ;-)
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    well your not out of the reservation - this has been discussed before - a lot. Right now it's not possible to interface with major VOIP networks, but there are some little apps (i think one is called iphone..?) that will do voip between two clients (so the other side has to have the software too).
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    I think in theory you could use your Treo as a data connection to a laptop and then use something like Skype or Vonage's SoftPhone. I used Skype over a dial-up connection (33Kbs) while abroad recently and it wasn't bad.

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