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    I've heard you can drastically improve data speeds by using a proxy server other than your wireless provider's. Where would you find such a proxy server or is there an easy way to set up your own.

    Also, when my friend uses a different proxy server on his phone (not a treo 650) he is not charged for data. Is that normal? Do they gauge usage by access to the proxy server? I feel like maybe I didn't get the full story...
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    I think going thru a proxy server is worse. You can connect to your normal dialup and not pay for data service from your cell provider, but at 50Kbps, that is 1/3 the speed of edge.

    I used to use my old Qualcomm smart phone via a free dialup long ago, but I remember they (GTE Mobilnet?) blocked data and started charging for it later.
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    Actually, I am not sure you can dial-up via the Treo...
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    Do a search for proxy server. The proxy server maybe good for a while but they change regularly. Unless you pay for the service or set up your own, which is not too easy the service can change. The proxy server can bypass some cellular servers and you don't get charged for data service. Depending on the server data speeds can be either faster or slower. Not much help, but if you can find the right server the service can be better. I had to use several while sprint was working on the towers in my area. I could not get to some of the sprint sites when using the proxy servers though.

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