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    I just ordered a Treo 650 for Sprint and it should get here on Tuesday or Wednesday. I wonder what SD card I should get for my Treo? I am thinking about a 1GB card, and have been looking at the Sandisk Ultra II and the Extreme III. I wonder if it will make a difference when running programs and multimedia files in the Treo? Thanks for any help.
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    No. The Treo's slot isn't fast enough to benefit from the Ultra or Extreme cards. That, and you won't be dealing with files large enough for the extra speed to matter.

    Although, the Ultra II Plus USB is worth taking a look at.
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    Hey Captain Hair, thanks for your help. That Ultra II Plus USB is very cool! Makes the Treo more portable IMHO.

    I wonder if I should get the cheapest 1GB SD I could find, since the extra bandwith will be wasted on the Treo?

    With regards to 2GB cards, I read in these forums that this is the maximum size the Treo will support. Are there any problems with some 2GB cards, or will they all work fine? Here too, could I just buy the cheapest card I could get?

    I am also considering the Ultra II Plus USB, since it requires no type of reader to hook it up.
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    The faster cards work better when using a card reader. I almost never transfer files any other way because I listen to alot of audio books that I ripped from cd's from the library.
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    To use your slow usb1 connection would take forever to transfer files.
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    Try the "Patriot Extreme Performance" from Fry's. Does well and cheap for the price.
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    My new Patriot 2gb Extreme Performance has randomly and often corrupted forcing me to re-format! I am very unhappy at this point.

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