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    Gpspassion has a story/new about Seidio new RBT-2010 BT receiver (SiRF III GPS)

    Based on the news, It has a very good performance as well as battery life. I think this is based on the same GPS technology Seidio uses in their newly released G4850 GPS car kit.

    I want to have a very good BT receiver, but Globalstat BT-338 is quite expensive. I hope Seidio comes out with a good price.
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    Sounds sweet but I can't view the pics....
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    I have the Globalsat Bt-338, and have nothing but good to say about it, have never had a problem. It aquires satellites fast and rarely looses them, I can get a satellite fix, and then throw the receiver in my trucks cubby or center console.However, when I got it, I got it based on reviews for it at te time, and the above receiver was not yet available
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    The Globalsat bt-338 and the new RBT-2010 are very close...Both sirf III, similar size and both have 1700mAh batteries (so ~15-20hr of battery life).
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    Couldn't Seidio put this chipset into there cradle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    Couldn't Seidio put this chipset into there cradle.
    They already have...the new G4850 and G2350 Cradles have this same chipset
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    we will officially release RBT-2010 today or tomorrow.

    David Chang
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    Here is the Link, Seidio is offering the special price for this BT receiver. $ 114.95

    David Chang

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