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    Tom Tom Navigator 5 Give Away

    Here's the deal. I've got a Tom Tom 5 GPS BT navigator that I'm going to give away. This is in the box with all the original packaging items (BT receiver, software, charger, maps, manual and activation card.) It was hardly used and looks brand new.

    A couple of rules though.

    1. I offer no guarantees that you'll be able to successfully activate the Tom Tom. Yes, I did use it for a short time. I have the activation code but am still unclear as to whether it'll work for another person or how, if it all, you can get a new code from Tom Tom. That'll be all up to you.

    2. Under no circumstances may you sell the Tom Tom. If I find out you have I will permanently ban you from Treo Central as well as hunt you down myself.

    3. The contest will be limited to the first 100 members.

    Why am I looking to get rid of it? I purchased a Tom Tom Go 700 and find it suits my needs much better. I'd put it on Ebay but just don't feel like dealing with the whole activation issue.

    Now here's how the contest will work.

    1. Members will post here a number from 0 to 100.
    2. One post per member. One number per member.
    3. When all 100 spots are filled I will close this thread.
    4. I will let my computer randomly pick the winning number.
    5. I will post the winner here and ship the the Tom Tom the next day.

    ****I will keep a running list of the numbers which have been selected in the second post of this thread. Please review it before posting your number to insure you don't pick a number which has already been taken.

    Good luck to all.


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    1. Captain Hair
    2. vikingjunior
    3. MarkEagle
    4. MikeM
    5. heberman
    6. maswell
    7. jazzkids
    8. qwalls
    9. jberger
    10. ericdfairchild
    11. Doctor No
    12. hparsons
    13. Mikhail
    14. nelson1
    15. vleeco
    16. elbert
    17. scottymomo
    18. TrillTreo
    19. ExtraOrdinaryJo
    20. scotta
    21. Maxy
    22. Fry-man22
    23. acousticbiker
    24. kd_cooke
    25. pmdied
    26. kwstump
    27. alee
    28. pgenneken
    29. yettihead
    30. samkim
    31. silversurfer20
    32. Jonger1150
    33. lawrence
    34. puyi
    35. cash70
    36. infinitykid
    37. emen8
    38. Lady Treo
    39. MarathonMan
    40. ParkerLtng
    41. Zimmer
    42. fasuin
    43. Aussie Joe
    44. Marest
    45. JM8753
    46. 100thMonkey
    47. jrfaris
    48. perrygonzalez
    49. jaytee
    50. treo_madness
    51. robert1
    52. Eyedeas
    53. scouter075
    54. snoslicer8
    55. Phatvette
    56. wabans
    57. jdeuel
    58. IsLNdbOi
    59. JohnH59
    60. fkpalm
    61. santiago2274
    62. leskini
    63. bmacfarland
    64. emperorrumsczy
    65. apcmiami
    66. bigcynic
    67. kea423
    68. jmix
    69. j2
    70. DHAnderson
    71. Trickydicky
    72. bdraper
    73. madcap
    74. tiellv
    75. Franko515
    76. TX76Mike
    77. emuyshondt
    78. ppine
    79. Redrum
    80. ShoopDog
    81. eightball
    82. ChasT
    83. sunnyd
    84. lua
    85. ThesMJ
    86. Mol
    87. digitalfx
    88. Dlau
    89. rdgadget
    90. srlondon
    91. otromar
    92. mfield
    93. d1hamby
    94. dgish
    95. StrangeReaction
    96. mhzimmer
    97. brett3333
    98. palmy
    99. mdlampert
    100. dzenc
    101. Tonylmiller
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    Okay here's how it's going to work.....

    I've made a slip of paper for each person with their name and number on it.

    I've placed all the papers into a hat. (ExtraOrdinaryJo, you should know I chose the hat just for you.)

    At exactly 10 AM EST (my clock says 9:34 AM EST right now) I'll reach into the hat and pull a slip. That'll be the winner.

    I'll post the winner's name here. That person will have 48 hours to PM me their shipping information (that's by 10 AM EST Tuesday.) If I haven't received it by then I'll reach into the hat and pull another name and we'll start again.

    Sound fair?

    I hope so.

    See you in an bit with the winner.

    P.S. Tonylmiller - you're in with #101.
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    And the winner is................

    #10 ericdfairchild

    Congratulations. Please PM me your shipping information ASAP. I will mail you the Tom Tom via USPS Priority Mail tomorrow.

    Enjoy it.

    Happy Holidays to all and thanks for playing.

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    Congrats Eric!

    Happy Holidays to you too, eagles fan! Oh, and better luck next year...
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraOrdinaryJo
    Oh, and better luck next year...
    You just had to get that in. Always turning the knife.
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    Come on, you know I like the eagles too. Wasn't a big TO fan, however, so not sad to see him go. Also I have to question Andy's recent decision to start running the ball AFTER losing BWest...

    I REALLY do wish the Eagles were still in it....I'd LOVE a rematch so we could beat them without any "McNabb was sick" controversy....maybe another year.

    How 'bout those Pats yesterday?

    Hope you have a good year ahead of you...this little contest should provide some good karma for you, so enjoy...happy holidays!
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    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    Well done!! Congrats!
    Technology Rules!
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    Thanks much everyone - it was all skill

    The real thanks go to LG of course for the generosity and the contest!

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    Congrats Eric

    Unlocked Cingular Treo 650, 1.51 firmware, 1.17 CNG software
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    Thank you Mr Berg for an excellent drawing.
    I have to go home now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    all the mod abuse i get and he doesnt think of hurt
    It's my fault you didn't enter?
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    Congrats Eric.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    It's my fault you didn't enter?
    yeah i wish i had checked earlier...

    but its still your can you live with yourself now...huh...
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    HAH, How the heck did i miss this contest? Anyway i have TT5 running already on my treo and love it, so will you, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

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