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    Hey Good Guy:

    It's great to see the folks at TC have created a sub-forum for GoodLink. I have been using Good for the past year and it has become the most important part of my 650.

    I have a qiuck questions:

    I get a lot of emails - so as a result -- Good is pushing to my phone quite a bit. As a result -- I get many complaints that my phone goes directly to VM when others try to call me. Is their any Good compatible phone that will not have this problem?

    Will the 700w with EVDO have the same problem?
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    That is an issue with CDMA and EVDO. You can't have data and voice going at the same time. EVDV will fix that, but that is years out. How many emails do you receive a day? GL does not keep the data connection open THAT long that it should happen quite a bit.
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    I'm not sure as to the actual number of emails, but I would guess at least 50 to 70 emails a day. Most of them during business hours (when I get most of my calls as well). Would the problem be solved by going to a GSM carrier?

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