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    I don't understand the problem most people have with having to add software to the Treo. I hate having to spend money and love good freeware, but understand that I may need more if I want more functionality.

    I dont care if you go Mac, Windows or any other computer system, unless you pay more up front for a bunch of preloaded software, you will probably have to add software for functionality. Office for business applications, a better graphics program, itunes for downloading and playing music. How many of you use your computers without ANY add on software. Microsoft Works?

    Software developers put time into their products, many put their hearts. I bet they want their programs to work perfect and to be bug free. Not an easy thing to do when as soon as they come out with a new program they hear that while this guy loves it, he'd like it to do push mail and this gal wants a built in calendar. I pay for programs I use inluding sending money for donationware programs. How many use Directory Assistant and how many have sent a donation?

    If I buy something, I research it. If I need add-ons to make it do what I want, I factor that into my purchase decision. I've had palm phones since my 6035 and have bought software to make them do more. Sure it would be great if they sold a "perfect" device. Let me know when you find one.

    We're talking about small compact radio, phone, MP3 players, organiizer, internet access device, computers that get carried around and handeled dozens to a hundred times a day. Can you build something like that that never has a defect and keep the price under a thousand dollars? These things get better and better but will never be perfect or complete for everyone.

    I afford the software I need by budgeting. Sometimes I wait. I bought mapopolis and a gps mouse last year with money from Christmas. I use it on vacation and business trips.

    Sorry for the rant... I understand how frustrating defects are... my 600 (went through 4 of them )was a problem for me. So far my 650 has been good for the 4-5 months I've had it. Not reset free, but then I load it up and push it to the limits. Everyone have a nice holiday season.
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    When I went to college in the 80s, a cell phone was pretty much an impossibility. About the only thing in reach was a pager, which only simply displayed a numeric phone number, and/or let you know someone left you a message. A little later on, simple text messaging became available, which seemed huge at the time. I actually bought a simple Motorola pager, and considered myself really high tech for doing so, especially because it was generally considered that only doctors or other high paid professionals owned pagers. I seem to recall that paging service cost a pretty penny every month too!

    Furthermore, a laptop was also a virtual impossibility in the 80s, especially for college students. When the first or second generation laptops first came out, these were extremely expensive. I remember buying a Toshiba Tecra laptop for almost $6,000! IBM laptops at the same time cost around $8,000!!!! Now, these old laptops are completely outdated and useless.

    When I went to visit my alma mater college recently, I noticed that just about every student had a laptop in the library, student lounge, hallways...just about everywhere throughout the campus!! There's even free wi-fi for students in the lounge. Man, oh man! I almost wish I went to college now instead of years ago. Having a Treo 650 (if the technology existed then) and a high end laptop with wi-fi back in my own college days would have been truly amazing. I don't think I would have ever studied!

    As for the cost of software, yes there are plenty of free software available that are very useful. Sometimes, you have to pay for software that is extremely useful, and there is nothing comparable for free. Other times, paid software are designed better than comparable free software. If you check this site frequently, especially under the "Applications" forum, you will end up finding many programs...some free, some not. There is also a thread titled "6 programs you cannot do without" that also lists many free and useful programs. I agree with a previous poster about trying out Shareware apps, so you can truly decide whether a program is worth paying or not. I cannot tell you how many times I've paid for a program, only to never use it again. At least 1/3 of the programs I've paid for I don't use anymore for various reasons.

    Anyway, I can appreciate that you are a broke college student, but consider yourself lucky to even have a Treo 650 and living in today's technology, versus the crappy numeric pager I had when I went to college.

    Lastly, I will give you one more tip on saving money. Find someone who has a Treo 650 that already owns a lot of paid apps. "Borrow" that person's same Hotsynch user name, and then you can also use that person's same applications on your own Treo. I realize this last piece of writing is not altogether honest, but it does work. Moderators, feel free to strike out this last paragraph if it's considered inappropriate. :-)
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    There are many freewares out there that you can download and install. I purchased my Palm and it came bundled with extra software including Docs to go among others. I take advantage of the special discount codes available from many different download sites (Palmgear, Handango, PDATopsoft) as well as the developers as well. They may send out promotional emails with discounts on their software from time to time. Over time, the purchases add up.
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    The pay applications I think I need: Verichat (paid for lifetime license a while ago -- good deal), Xinno, Chatter (will bite the bullet on that one soon--still on trial), Bike or Die, Butler, Phone Technician and maybe some others I can't think of right now.
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    I think I spend over couple hundreds bucks for software over a year or so...not all at once. Thus having accumulating software over several years, you can get quite of collection of apps... In addition there are lots of freeware out there as well...

    Unfortunately though, many people use warez for all their apps. This is especially prevalent and a problem in the palmos community imo. I have to personally admitt that I have used warez in the past, but I usually buys the apps I like to support devs which is important and vital for the palmos economy!
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    i was lucky, i had two handango $100 credits (this was availaible through sprint when i got my phone, plus a 128mb sd card)

    i think i spent maybe $25.00 on apps
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    If you can afford a $500 smart-phone that's made in China for 2 grains of rice per day of work, I think you should be able to spend at least $100 in Softwares that are usually developped in modern countries by developpers that do not only eat rice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    i was lucky, i had two handango $100 credits (this was availaible through sprint when i got my phone, plus a 128mb sd card)

    i think i spent maybe $25.00 on apps
    Only spent $25 on apps?! Wow! That's amazing actually. Hate to say that I must have spent somewhere between $200 to $300 on various software, plus hundreds more on various accessories. I really must stop!
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    whats warez?
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    Warez = hacked apps which are modified to be used for free without being purchased.
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    Well. I'm spoiled. Since I am a Radio Shack employee and we sell Cingular & Sprint I get an employee plan for both networks. So with my Sprint Treo I get "unlimited" application downloads. Life is sweet. The funny thing is I haven't taken full advantage of it yet. Most of the downloads from Sprints download page are older versions.
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    best thing to do is to research the apps. download trials. If you dont like dont buy.
    I recommend you find freeware sites most are suggested here already.
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    $500 bucks probably.

    Over 10 Years.

    $50 a year average.

    This is one reason a WM5 unit does not greatly appeal to me, I would want to replace it all at once to maintain my current functionality.

    Cheers, Perry.
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