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    I know some of you claim to have no problems with your 650, but after over a year and 3 replacements (Cingular has been great), two s/w upgrades and new sim tray, I still have lousy BT and frequent freezes and reboots with nothing but Snapper mail installed for third-party s/w. I have finally given up and moved on to the new BB 8700. BT is MUCH better, unit is lighter, smaller, UI is fine, keyboard is better than Treo (for me), screen res is Treo-like, PIM features are excellent, syncs with Outlook like the Treo and no reboots or freezes at all. And push email is way better for me. Adios Palm!
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    What is a BB?
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    the technology formerly known as Blackberry (ouch)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    What is a BB?

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