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    I have a very light colored Vaja case and have talked to a leather shop who said they can dye it a black or brown. I was wondering if anyone has done this before? My case looks really beat up and I do not want to invest in another one right now since I just bought it 7-8 months ago.
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    From personal experience... not from dyeing my Vaja but from my parent's business (dealing with leathers) you can dye the leather but be sure to dye your case in a very dark color. BTW: If your case is a very light color, they can dye it any other color of your choosing; as long as it's darker than the original color. What they will be doing, or should be doing, is stripping the leather and reapplying a new stain/color. Since you've experienced the "lighter side" of leather on your Vaja, go dark.... it'll save you the headache you had with the light colored case. I have a birch/blue and clean/condition every 2 weeks.... big headache but looks damned good.
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    Thanks for the advice!! I am planning on going a dark brown or black.
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    Great pink one looks like caca!

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