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    For music lovers everywhere, Seidio adds our New 2 in 1 InEar Isolators to our already extensive line of headset accessories for Treo 650 users. The Seidio 2 in 1 InEar Isolator combines Seidio’s integrated headset technology with a sound isolating design to deliver rich, detailed sound while blocking outside noises. Seidio’s InEar Isolators sport a sleek, low profile, yet elegant design. The high quality, dynamic frequency response speakers are another plus. Comfortable sound isolating rubber inserts contour themselves to your inner-ear. The InEar Isolators will be available in two versions, standard and retractable, giving users the option to customize based upon their preferences.
    You’ll have the ability of blocking out annoying distractions and immersing yourself in a sound filled world of YOUR choosing!

    Additional Features:

    Exceptional Sound Quality- this new version provides rich audio and superior clarity.
    High quality inline microphone.
    Multi-function control box- which allow users to adjust headset volume and one touch button convenience to answer/end phone calls.
    Stylish Appearance- the earphones and control switch box are black with chrome highlights to complement your Treo.
    Retractable capability- the cable can be extended to your desired length during usage and recoils back into the retractable compartment when desired (on retractable models only). This keeps the cable neat and unobtrusive.

    Please contact or visit our website at for more information on this product.
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    Are the different size of flexible sleeves available ?
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    the retractable will keep the cable neat, but only when you are not using it. when you extend the cable, the retractable housing is heavy and dangles and pulls down on the earpiece because of its weight unless you have the clip on. then it pulls down on the clip on your shirt.

    the way it should have been designed is to have the retractable housing at the very bottom where the 2.5mm plug is, and just the mic/earpiece end extend from the housing. so the plug never extends, just the earpiece side.

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