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    It's unfortunate that the app so closely resembled Jeff's. I'm sure by now Danny sees that closely cloning a product does not win him friends in the discussion forums.

    At the same time, competition can be a great thing. There certainly would not have been so much innovation in the callfiltering/ringtone management space without his working so hard on Lightwav. One of his programs (FakeCall) was so innovative it received media attention outside of the Treo community.

    Perhaps among the forums, competition has been a healthy thing as well.

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    I post at both forums, same user name. i sometimes find info here that isnt there and vice versa. i share the info between the two, because from the info on both my treo has been rock solid. (i even wrote a post about it, wanna see it?, here it go My 650 Setup )

    anyway i started this thread because i knew what the response would be toward smiley ( i personally feel his practices are not the greatest, but not illegal ) i intended in no way to start a mtdn vs treocentral war

    i think this thread should be locked, both sides have vented and the situation is over.

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    'nuff said...........that's the way I see it also.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Ljj, the game finna come on

    im thinkin PLAYOFFS

    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    Good question.....Now if it was everyone's choice, where would YOU rather be in, MTDN or TC?
    I'm happy here

    I'd rather not have to choose.
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    Ok, did everyone said their piece? Wow, what a thread! I had to read it from the start to end. Thanks everyone.

    Franko515 (shame on you ) started this thread and recommended it be closed, Ljj8503 2nd it, any third and last confirmation before I close this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    I was expecting regular members... anyway, I will take it. Done (and the gavel falls down!)
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