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    I do a lot of traveling to different locations. I'm looking for a way to keep a list of contacts with photos to refresh my memory before I arrive.

    The current contact information would work if there was a way to add a picture to the "note". I've tried copy and paste froma picture I take but it doesn't work. is this possible to do?

    If not, any advice on an add-on program would be appreciated.

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    Hi Greg!

    Your Treo does not have the picture option within the contact itself? Open a contact, select edit, you should see the picture box. Tap that box and then you can select camera or photo. Take the photo with the Treo's camera or select a photo you have loaded onto your SD card. . . . or is this just a feature of the Treo 650?

    This picture will then pop up on your screen whenever there is an incoming call from that contact and you can also review them prior to your visits.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    On the 600 I can only add a picture to the 50 Favorites (Speed Dial Buttons) and they come up when that person calls.

    But I can't do it for all the contacts in the address book.

    Can you do it for all the contacts in the address book of the 650?


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