I just upgraded from a Treo 300 to 600.

I have several repeating daily reminders on my calendar which I mark it as private and then use the hide feature without a password so that they do not clutter up my calendar.

With my old 300 the reminder would come on and say what the reminder was for such as "Turn off Ringer before meeting" and I would click ok.

With the Treo 600, when the reminder comes up it says you have a "Private Appointment" with no reference to what it is about. The options are OK, SNOOZE or GO TO. To see what the reminder is for you need to GO TO which then resets the global "Hide" feature to "Show All" so that all reminders appear cluttering up my calendar.

Is there a way to hide the entry and see what it is without resetting the hide feature?

If not, what is a good add-on program that I can use?