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    I've had the 650 for some time and am trying to use RealPlayer for the first time to download MP3's to the Treo. I have RealPlayer version 10.5. It is NOT set as the default player. I copied/saved a CD into the player, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get it onto the 650. I've followed the directions, I think, but my device doesn't show as an option. When I try to 'add a new device', I get a browser page 'action canceled IE wasn't able to link to the web page...' This is the URL it tried to link to:

    I am not too computer savvy, so I'd appreciate any help.
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    You're trying to use the Windows desktop version of Realplayer? Can't you help with that..but in order to use the palm version of realplayer simply put some MP3's in a folder called AUDIO on your SD card. I recommend using a card reader to get them on the card...much faster.
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    So, I don't actually need to use the desktop app at all? That makes sense. Just drag and drop mp3's to /audio on the card.

    I got the desktop app to work, by the way. Actually, I un-installed RealPlayer (a version I think my son installed) and re-installed the version from the Treo install CD. The Treo showed in 'Devices' and everything went smoothly after that - not very quickly, but smoothly. I'm sure the drag and drop method will be much faster, too.


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