Not sure if this is possible or not but would appreciate pointers/suggestions if anyone has made this work:

- Have Plantronics 510 which works great with my Treo
- Want to use headset in the office but using my notebook and landline
ie dial out via Outlook dialer/modem over land line and use BT headset
- I can pair the 510 with my PC and headset profile.
- I can connect to the profile.
- I can dial and hear dial tones via BT headset.

However, when I click on talk within the Outlook dialer, BT goes silent as if it hangs up the call. Call actually is not hung up as I have a hand receiver in-line
and I can still hear/talk over the hand receiver.

Thoughts, ideas. Trying not to have to buy Plantronics base unit if I can get this to work.