Got my skin/holster/battery cover kit yesterday from Seidio. I had been carrying my Treo with Seidio clip holster and for pocket carry, I'de use a Sena Leather Skin. I'm not much of a reviewer but would like to share my thoughts on this product.

First, the battery cover. As many have said, it's a darker shade of gray than the original. It fits almost perfectly with a little off-set at the top. Not enough to be a concern. I like the reset hole and will come in handy when I've got to initiate a reset.

Second, the holster. Sturdy is the one word that comes to mind when I took the holster out of the plastic bag. The clip appears to be sturdier than the one on the clip holster I was using. The spring clip on top that secures the Treo is equally as sturdy. One hand removal is no problem but you'll have to practice to return it to the holster one handed.

Third, the skin. I was really hesitant about the rubber skins. I feared they would be too tacky and pick up every little speck of dust/dirt/hair, etc. It is tacky but manageable. There was a very long, brunette strand of hair attached to it when I removed it from the bag. It fits snug but is loose around the sd card/antenna area and the edges of the keyboard. I can see these areas being prone to tearing. There is a recess area for the side buttons and I'm curious why this area wasn't cut out.

I'm curious how the skin will act in warmer weather. Has anyone had problems with the rubber skins sweating in the summer months?

Bulk wise, the skin adds just a hair of thickness compared to the Sena Leather Skin. The tackiness, while attracting grit, does give you a re-affirming hold on the Treo. The holes are 98% accurate with minor offset for the mic, speaker and reset hole.

Put the package together and it feels bulky but in carrying the Treo, it is no bulkier than carrying the Treo naked in the clip holster. I did try the Sena Skin in the new holster and it's too thin. There is significant play with the Treo when it is holstered and it wouldn't take much to knock it out of the holster.

How can it be better? Reduce the tackiness, firm up the areas around the top of the case and around the keyboard (I still like it exposed), offer it in a gray finish, and open up the area for the side buttons.

The holster is fine as is. I'd like to be able to use it one handed easier but I have no suggestions on how to make that happen other than practice. I am curious though, why is there a cutout at the bottom of the holster exposing part of the keyboard?

The battery cover could use some re-fitting to address the off-set but again, the offset isn't enough to cause headaches. I would like to see the reset hole be tunneled. Being just a hole, I wonder how much dust, moisture, etc would get to the battery area. A conduit enclosing the path to the reset button might be worth looking into. I don't mind the darker shade of gray and if anything, wish the Treo was that shade.

Overall opinion, I like it. I'm going to have to get used to the skin but so far so good. Even if you're not sure, the price makes this package worth trying.