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    Is there anyway to converter a saved voice mail into MP3?

    I have a treo 650 on the verizon network.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Not MP3 but you could use CallRec while playing the voicemail back on your Treo and that would record it to your card as WAV
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    I found callrec did not record too well. What options should I use?
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    This is probably not ideal but will work:

    Plug a cable into your headphone jack (2.5 mm) and the other end (3.5 mm) into the input on your PC's sound card and use the recording software in Windows.
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    mVoice works decently well. Generates a WAV file instead of an MP3.

    Due to speed limitations of SD cards, you will not get a high quality recording if you record directly to SD (regardless of software). Better to record to RAM then move the file to SD card. This can be done within mVoice.

    WAV file is uncompressed so it will be large file size. If you need it compressed to MP3, you can transfer the file to a desktop and use an MP3 converter.
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    How do I transfer to desktop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by professordave
    How do I transfer to desktop?
    There is a separate desktop conduit installer with mVoice to transfer the files.
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    You could just use freeware like Soundrec to record you voicemail while on speakerphone. Just record directly to the card and then copy to the desktop via card reader. That would be the simplest and cheapest way...
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