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    Seeing as Sprint couldn't fix my 600, it upgraded me (begrudgingly) to a 650 and as expected, I am having all kinds of trouble getting my app to work. Can someone please help with some of my problems?

    I have my tunes and misc apps on a card. I have CardKeeper that warned me if the card dislodged in my 600. Now if my card is ejected (like to maintain the files from my desktop), my 650 reboots. What do I need to do to get the 650 to stay on?

    Also, is there a trick to getting the browser to work? I go to the default browser, Blazer and input a web address (like like I used to and it does NOTHING. Note that my sprint service has not changed just the hardware.

    I have a lot more problems but they are app related. Thanks for your help.
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    Hi rucksdashel!

    Sounds like you just hotsync'd to your 600 userid. If so, we need to do a clean install, the 650 chokes on 600 settings being brought forward like this. Creates a brick. You will also need to install ALL 3rd party software FRESH onto the 650 -- not a restore from a backup!

    Follow the instructions in this thread to get a very happy Treo 650:

    Cheers, Perry.

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