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    Ack, help! I had an old version (1.4) of KMaps installed, went to upgrade to 1.6.5, and now I'm getting all kinds of and java.lang.NullPointerException errors. I followed the instructions on the upgrade, deleting my old version before reinstalling.

    After that didn't work, I deleted all my KMaps files, as well as the entire Java suite. I reinstalled Java, ran the IBM Java package to make sure everything looked ok, and then reinstalled all 3 .prc files for KMaps, and I get the same errors.

    I start getting the above errors usually after loading a few screen modules as I am walking around a map (maybe after the 3rd or 4th one?). Or, when I typed in a zip code and "pizza" for where, the screen just turned white for a few minutes until I hit the Phone button to exit.

    I've tried a soft reset to no avail... any ideas??

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    I get this too. I would get this when your internet connection gets interrupted. I get out of the application and get back in, then its fine.
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    Got these errors for the first time today. As ronbo says, just exit and restart kmaps. Handling this situation in a more elegant way is definitely an opportunity for improvement...
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    Perhaps the developer can add a "reset connection" menu item similar to what Marc made available in Chatteremail?
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    it says "Oops! javax.microedition.rms.invalidRecordIDException: freezes..requires soft reset..what to do?
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    I get this one too. Not much to do except soft reset.

    Read this other thread too: Kmaps error

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