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    I'm trying to find a good USB Bluetooth adapter to buy for my laptop so I can use DUN with my Treo 650. Are there any brands/models that stand out from the rest or any that I should steer clear of? Also, does it matter which version of Bluetooth the adapter supports? I've seen some claiming to do v1.1, v1.2, and v2.0. Thanks!
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    Linksys USBBT100 - no question. Much better range than several other alleged Class 1 BT adapters I've tried (Belkin, Kensington). Heard good things about the CompUSA adapter too, which looks just like the Linksys (swing-out antenna) but is black instead of blue.

    As for BT version, the T650 only supports 1.1, so it doesn't really matter unless you're going to use it with something other than the Treo.
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    i bought a kensington adapter from best buy I think about a year ago...
    I couldnt get dun to work, but I dont think it was b/c of the particular adapter, but because I am retarded.
    Other than that the adapter worked perfectly
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    go with the kensington. When my laptop was stolen, they stole my belkin bluetooth adapter. It had graet range, but was difficult to set up. When I was trying to buy the replacement, the guy at Best Buy said the kensington was very reliable and has Bluetooth 2.0 and was $35.00 instead of $50.00. The belkin looked cooler, but I am very happy with the kensington.
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    I use the Billionton PCMCIA adapter. It has a little retractable antenna and when that is out the range is fantastic. The best thing is that I can just leave it in my lappy all the time and never worry about disconnecting it like a usb adapter.

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