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    I have TCPMP installed on my Treo and my wifes- both installed the same way, with all codecs that I have - install to ram, then move to card with zLauncher....

    Playing literally the same video clip on each device, mine looks great, hers is very "blocky", like the resolution isn't the same... Hers looks like you zoomed in or something - don't know how else to explain it.

    What's up with that? any ideas?
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    You check to make sure the video and general prefs are the same?
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    DOH! Shooting myself in the foot again.....

    It wasn't the same file.. the one on my card was a straight mpg - the one on my wife's was a .asf of the same clip - I guess her clip was installed through the "media" part of palm desktop and that converted it. I went back to the old card reader to get the original file on hers, and it looks great.

    Sorry for the false alarm guys, but maybe this solution will at least help someone else.

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