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    I'm a little confused about what the difference is between the Sprint Tv that you can purchase bundled in the Sprint Ultimate Vision Pack and the MobiTv service that you purchase going through your Sprint homepage. Are they the same thing? Does one offer more channels than the other? If anyone is with Sprint and can help me understand this, it would be greatly appreciated. Oddly enough, neither the Sprint customer care nor the tech support person could clarify. Thanks in advance.
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    I've been wondering the same thing. I couldn't get a channel lineup via sprint's site.
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    I think the difference is that Sprint TV won't work with the Treo. MobiTV from Handmark and the version sold through Sprint work with the Treo. Sprint TV is just for the regular phones.
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    I have the Sprint version of MobiTV on my 650. I initiated my Sprint MobiTV service and download by logging onto my mobile account on (After logging on, page down and click on the "See All Applications" link under the Sprint PCS Vision Services heading. Click on the MobiTV link, follow the directions, and... voila!)

    I originally had set up MobiTV through Handmark (cancelled that and then went with Sprint). If I recall correctly, the channel line-up is the same. However, it's been a couple of months since, and in case I'm not remembering right here is the list of channels I get via Sprint:
    NBC Mobile
    ABC News
    Fox Sports
    iFilm trailers
    NFL Network
    CMC Beat
    MAXX Sports
    Comedy Time
    Fashion TV
    Discovery Kids
    The Weather Channel
    Toon World
    Discovery Espanol
    Bon Jovi Live (apparently, a special event)
    iFilm Viral Videos
    Horror Classics
    Nano TV
    VEGAS Sports
    VEGAS Scoreline
    The Mudds
    MobiTV Channel

    A benefit of subscribing to MobiTV via Sprint is that my Sprint corporate discount applies, making it cheaper than going through Handmark.

    Edited to note: I may have misunderstood the OPs question (he asked about Sprint TV not MobiTV via Sprint). Oh well...
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    thanks all for taking time to reply....

    i spoke to another sprint rep today and got a definitive answer. When you order the Ultimate Vision Pack (data plan with unlimited data and picture mail) for $20/month you get a limited amount of channels (about six, i believe). when you buy MobiTv by going through your phone's homepage, you get all the channels that karenct mentioned in the earlier post. so i was told that i can use my current data plan, which is the basic unlimited data plan for $10/month and then order MobiTv for another $10/month, all billed through Sprint.

    so... to sum up the differences... the Ultimate Vision Pack option for $20 gives you unlimited picture mail with an abridged MobiTv channel lineup. the other option is to get the basic unlimited data plan for $10 (sans picture mail - you can still them - just not for free) and order MobiTv for another $10 thru the phone's page to get the full lineup mentioned on the MobiTv webpage.
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    third option is to have the basic unlimited plan, and order mobitv from their site. It sounds like sprint is just reselling the same package offered by mobitv.
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    Anyone know if this is available for T600?
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    Quote Originally Posted by circpro
    Anyone know if this is available for T600?
    MobiTv for the T600, yes it's now available. See below for discussion:

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