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    Finally got around to loading music to my 650 and now have TWO Real Player icons on my menu. Both in Multimedia category. I have the 1.17 update but can't figure out how to delete one of the icons. Both lead to the same music. I don't THINK I've loaded the entire software twice, just the icon. When I go into the menu to delete, it only shows Real Player ONCE with "0 (zero) k" bits being used. Normally I'd delete that one, but I can't find one that's loaded. I only have about 30 songs so far. I don't want to delete the only icon undefinedI see.

    Read all the books, search all the threads. Hope I haven't missed something! Low flame please.

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    It's possible you have copied the program to your card rather than moved it, so you have one on the phone and one on the card.
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    The problem is that you have two records in the psysLaunchDB database, which is used by the Applications Launcher. I'm not sure what causes this. I assume you downloaded the latest RealPlayer and installed it in RAM? That in itself shouldn't cause this problem, as it should supercede the copy in ROM. The downloaded copy has a different name from the one in ROM, which may be relevant.

    The most straightforward way to fix this is to use a tool like FileZ to delete psysLaunchDB. I would then do an immediate soft reset. You'll have to re-categorize all your apps afterwards.

    As an alternative, if you're very careful, you can experiment with removing the offending record(s) from the database. Use FileZ to edit it, and then find the record by viewing the first few bytes. They're stored in ASCII order, and you're looking for "applRNWK". Delete one or both of these and restart.

    If the problem recurs, it might be the name difference. Try renaming RealOneBase to just RealOne.

    Hope this helps!
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    You could just hide one using the Freeware app Obfuscate from

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