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    Someone out there will have an explanation for this, I'm sure.

    My Treo600 just got crushed and I had to revert back to an ordinary cellphone. Verizon ported by ESN number from my Treo to my LG phone.

    Since then I've been receiving mysterious SMS messages on the LG phone.

    Fr: 1121
    //SCK2a Sent_11:09:43_Dec_15
    Dec 15, 2:09 pm

    Any ideas? Help out a Treo orphan while I wait for my new Treo!

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    It's the spirit of your dead Treo 600, trying to communicate with you through its replacement.

    He wants you to know he forgives you.
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    did you forward any instant messages to your Treo?
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    Did you have an email program on the Treo that notified you via SMS?
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    I did have Good on my Treo. That's the only thing I can think of that is pushing any kind of data to my new cellphone.

    But it didn't use SMS to notify me. I'll ask my admin to disable my Good account to see if that fixes anything.
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    That's interesting to know, I thought Goodlink does not use SMS.
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    Good doesn't SMS you when you get a message, if that's what you mean. I'm thinking that the Good server is sending 'silent' SMS messages as a way of pinging it, maybe?

    Just a shot in the dark
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    Good version 4.0 does not use SMS. Older versions did.

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