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    I have two warranty replacement phones and when I do a #*786 one phone says 51 minutes and the other about 2600. Is this the total number of minutes someone was talking on the phone before I got it? Not quite sure what the minute timer is actually telling me.
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    As a follow I need to worry about a warranty phone with 2600 minutes? the one with 51 minutes has a couple of pit marks on the chrome around the screen so other then that cosmetic issue it seems perfect. However the 2600 phone seems to work great and has no blemishes.
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    Any help on this? I am sure someone has some information on the life timer
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    lifetimer displays the # of minutes the phone has been used for calls but I believe it can be reset to 0 doing a zero-out reset...if the phone with lots of minutes works fine I'd keep it. It's possible the one with a few minutes was zeroed out before you got it
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    I also find that if you check the life timer of the refurb phone...and then do a restore from your SD to the phone, it adds your previous phones minutes to the existing life-timer on the phone.

    I had 4 refurbs and finally got palm to send me a new one because of all the problems I was having. It came in a brand new Treo box with all accessories and had Life Timer at zero. Then I restored from my SD and life timer jumped to almost 5,000 minutes.

    The refurb I was upgrading from had over 13,000 minutes on it, but when I hard reset it to send it back I checked the life timer. 8,000 minutes plus which obviously demonstrated that they are added together.

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