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    if I buy an unbranded treo that's been previously used, is there a way to change the device's hotsync id? This is essential to me, cause I want to transfer my existing palm software (esp. medical reference) to my new machine. In other words, I want the new (used) treo to have the same hotsync id as my current tungstent. it's also interesting to me because i want to give my wife my old tungsten when I get the treo. thanks for info
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    I think if you do a hard reset your new(used) Treo will show never syched. Then when you do sych your desktop software will ask you to choose a user, you should see your current sych ID there. Choose that one and the software will assign your ID to the handheld.
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    short answer - yes, just hard reset the device and when you hotsync, you will be asked to select the hotsync id (if you have multiple).

    Long answer - yes, but please read up on the first hotsync for your Treo 650 because you might have major problems if you just try to sync and go. It will all depend on what version of the Palm Desktop you are running, etc. There are many, many threads here on getting started with your 650. An hour of reading could save several hours of frustration.

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    Thanks. Follow up question: Does anyone have opinions on getting a slightly used treo? The only reason I'm looking at it is that I need an unbranded one, and there are better deals available through that route. IS it too big of a risk for a couple hundred dollars in savings?
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    do you need an unbranded one, or an unlocked one ?

    I have sold 15 Treos on ebay, and gaurantee money back if not satisfied. The only danger is warranty work if you buy that way - some say you won't get it, but a guy I work with called Palm, told them he bought off ebay, and got a warranty replacement (go figure).

    I suggest you use a credit card to buy, and confirm the unit is new and unregistered via email (Ask that specific question). If it is not, you can return it and dispute the cc charge if necessary.

    If the unit is unregistered, the warranty should start when you register it.

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