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    PalmaryClock was updated as well as a new "Wireless Edition". I long time ago, I mentioned to developers the need for weather forecasts and "today" functionality in their product to compete with similar apps. Of course, I'd *like* to think this is the reason for the wireless edition

    It looks pretty cool, though:
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    The weather forecast update is nice, but it's only a daily forecast for the next 7 days. They need the daily forecast like they have now but also a "what's the weather like right now" and be able to show that while looking at the clock/calendar etc.

    Also, I couldn't figure out, if you had two or more forecasts, how to toggle between them while displaying the clock. Seems like it shows the last one on your list and no way to switch..

    Oh yeah, one other thing I thought of, if you choose to show the events bar at the bottom of the screen, that shows the next event, regardless of what the event is. For example, I tried setting up one event to update the weather and one event to have an alarm go off. I could care less about seeing on the clock screen when the weather autoupdate's going to occur, but would like to see when the alarm is supposed to go off...

    my .02
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    its says its compatible for 755 but i am getting a reset when i push down on the 5way navigator after it starts

    using the wireless version
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    Since switching from the 650 to the 680, I get nothing but resets. I contacted Palmary about it but never got a response.
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    Are you using the new battery check feature? I found some strange behaviour when this was enabled. Since turning it off, I'm using it on a 680 without problems.
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    Thanks for that suggestion. I'll try it again with feature unchecked.

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