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    I have a Blue 650 that I unlocked with a code that Cingular gave me. It was a bunch of numbers based on my IMEI.

    I've used it successfully on trips abroad.

    However, the keyboard has gone bad on the Treo and now it has to be replaced with a new phone.

    ATT/Cingular refuses to give me an unlock code (in fact they claim they never gave me the first one which is very insulting).

    I can pay to have the phone unlocked, two ways.

    First, I can buy a set of numbers tailored to my IMEI. I would then upgrade in the same way I did before.

    Or, I can take the Treo to a local store. They say they hook it to a computer and run a program for an hour. At the end, it is unlocked.

    Is there a difference between the two methods? Is one better than the other? The store costs $75. I can get do-it-yourself numbers for about half that. The store is closer and would be easier -- but I am wary of a process that takes an hour. When I did it myself, without hooking it to a computer, it took minutes.

    Thanks for helping.

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    Many people have had pretty good luch, including myself, with Costs about $20 bucks, and your phone can be unlocked in munutes instead of hours or days.

    You may want to check out this thread for more details:
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    It seems that all of these programs run on Windows. None seem to run on Mac's.

    Anyone out there know of a Mac way of doing it?

    I'm still not sure why the computer hook up in the first place. When I unlocked my Treo 650 with the code supplied by Cingular, I simply entered a code on the Treo keypad.
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    1. hang up and call back to get another CS Rep
    2. tell them you need the wireless support group
    3. tell them you travel internationally and have been a customer for more than 90 days, which qualifies you to receive the subsidy unlock code.

    If this fails, either ask for a supervisor or go back to step 1.

    Cingular has a distributed network of CSRs, and depending on who answers, you might get the right answer. I'm just too cheap to pay for something they should be giving you for free.
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    Sounds like some sort of brute force program that trys all possible combinations of numbers in some way. Pretty cheesy.

    The wireless companies are really squeezing man! Squeezing hard!
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    ^ From what I've read it's VERY difficult to get a Cingular Blue (AT&T) phone unlocked. I was a customer with AT&T before migrating to Cingular and was never able to persuade them to provide me an unlock code for any of my handsets (i went through about 6). I always had to have a third party perform the unlock operation.

    To unlock your new Treo I would try to use a friends PC to perform the unlock operation through

    I understand your frustration as I'm a Mac user too, but unfortunately there's just some things you need a PC for
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    I've decided to give in an go the the local store that will unlock the phone.

    Not worth having to make a dozen calls to find a compliant CSR.

    Just got the new 650. Can anyone tell me the keycode you put in to see if it is locked. I used to know this, but don't anymore.

    Want to see if I got lucky and got an unlocked phone before I spend the money to unlock it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is no keycode. The only way to tell for sure is to try a different carrier's SIM.

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