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    What is Avvenu?

    Free Service

    Remotely access your home or office computeróright from your Treo smartphone. With Avvenu, you can leave your laptop at home, knowing you'll still have secure access to just about any file or photo on your computer. You can even share files or folders with colleagues.

    But... here's a quote further down. "System Requirements:
    In order to use the Avvenu service, you need:

    * A PC running Windows XP SP1 or SP2, Professional or Home Edition.
    * A broadband internet connection.

    To get started just download the Avvenu Software to your computer and follow the installation and set-up process."

    Based on this; I don't see any Mac support! Well... I answered my own question! Now is there an equivalent for Mac? What about use (the equivalent) with T-Mobile basic internet plan (formerly T-Zones?)
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    Salling Clicker can do control of your Mac over IP....

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