I just recieved the Holux GPSlim236 Bluetooth GPS reciever (http://www.buygpsnow.com/item.aspx?itemid=468). I purchased this reciever for its diminutive size (Dimension: 46.3 x 67 x 19 mm).

First off, positive plug for http://www.buygpsnow.com They were VERY helpfull with this purchase and shipping VERY quickly. Also, they are including a vent mount for your treo with the majority of gps receivers.

This item came with both an AC and DC adapter, a CD w/ the drivers & software, and a VERY concise Multi-multi-multi-lingual manual.

Now to the heart of the post. Cold boot was < 1 min to acquiring signal. Pairing with the Treo 650 (TomTom) & my laptop w/ bluetooth dongle was a snap. I then walked around the 1st of two floors in the house with the receiver in my pocket and had no problems with bluetooth connection. While in my pocket (inside the house) I did have fewer acquired satellites, however, tomtom had no problems displaying my position and heading.

The arkon mount (http://www.buygpsnow.com/item.aspx?itemid=317) worked perfectly in my truck allowing access to the power/connector/volume buttons without hindrence.

A quick drive around town and this reciever functioned very well. I had no problems with losing sats.

I give it two thumbs up.