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    I downloaded a trial version of PlugForward last month, and it was working perfectly, forwarding calls when my unlocked GSM Treo 650 is plugged in at home (I have T-Mobile service). All of a sudden last week, for no reason I can tell, it has been forwarding ALL THE TIME! Even when it's unplugged. Even when I deactivated PlugForward. Even when I deleted the forwarding rule. Even after I reset. Even after I uninstalled PlugForward. Even after I reset after deleting the program!!! So today I went and paid $16 for the registered version, hoping that SOMEHOW that would save me (I also emailed palmgear support), but it's STILL forwarding to my home phone, NO MATTER WHAT. So, I uninstalled and even did a HARD RESET, and when I called my phone it STILL forwarded to my home phone!!! This is after a hard reset, with NO added software, and not even an SD card in it! HELP HELP HELP!!! My cellphone is virtually useless now, since NO ONE can reach me on it. It's been like this for days! I'm SO aggravated. This is an EVIL program, and I'm pissed I even paid them $16 to try and fix it.
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    Launch the Phone app...what are your Call Preferences? (menu + "A")
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    Hmmm. Fixed it by calling T-Mobile. Apparently PlugForward transmits the forwarding request to the phone service (T-Mobile), and for some reason, PlugForward never turned off the forwarding request, even though the software SAID it wasn't forwarding. However, even though I've now done a hard reset and T-Mobile has removed the forwarding (pressing *#21# will tell you your call forwarding status and pressing ##004# will turn off all call forwarding requests), and when I call my cellphone it finally rings, it still shows the little "call forwarding arrow" next to the T-Mobile name at the top of the phone screen. That's only supposed to show up when call forwarding is on, but it's been permanently on my phone since this problem started. Weird. But at least the initial fiasco is over. I just don't know that I can trust PlugForward anymore. How will I know that it has properly turned off the forwarding feature when I unplug my phone? I won't know until I get home that night and see messages on my home phone that I'd been expecting on my cell! Just a word of warning to people out there. Feel free to post some advice or info if you have any.

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    Bill: FYI - I checked the Call Preferences, and it says "Do not forward."

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