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    Hi all, and sorry about this lengthy post.
    I really need someone's help.
    I thought I was an expert in Palm but this proved me wrong.
    My Treo crashed yesterday (cause Mapopolis) and I had to hard reset. I figured it's time to clean the Treo (removed unwanted files). So I installed the application few at a time and added some new ones. Everything went fine, but later in the day, every 30 sec to 2 min my Treo's screen will come on and will stay on until the time limit.

    I have checked every application I have to see which one is making a network call (I'm assuming that). I even deleted some applications and when I found that was not the cause I put them back. I turned off the network connection, that did not help either. I soft reset, not that either.

    This been happening since yesterday, throughout the night into now. I don't want to hard reset again. Maybe someone know how to figure out which application is causing that.
    I'll be online monitoring your answer. Thanks in advance

    Here's a list of apps I have, the one marked new, mean I added them yesterday.
    Adobe Reader (card)
    Audible (card)
    Audible air (card)
    Backup (card) NEW
    Bdicty (card)
    Blackjack (card)
    Butler (RAM)
    Card Export (RAM)
    Chattermail (RAM)
    Datavis Utility (card)
    Dir Assist (card)
    Document to Go (card/RAM)
    Eazy convert (card)
    filez (card)
    flight status (card)
    GBulator (card) NEW --Demo version, haven't got it to work yet--
    Handstory (card)
    Mapopolis (card) --going away soon--
    Yahoo Messenger (card) --I made sure this is turned off--
    Minutes (card)
    mmplayer (card)
    MobiTV (card)
    Moe Paint (card)
    Money (card)
    Piloc Monitor (RAM)
    msafe (RAM) NEW --demo--
    Mundu (RAM) --demo--
    Piloc (RAM)
    printme (RAM)
    pocket tune (RAM)
    Quick News (RAM) --this is my suspesious app. I turned it off and
    I deleted it but nothing
    ResetNet (card)
    resetphone (card)
    smartmovie (card)
    Sudoku (card)
    tcpmp (card)
    textras (card)
    today (RAM)
    TreoAlaram (card) --moved to card to isolate problem--
    treogaurd (card) --moved to card to isolate problem--
    upIRC (card) --not setup yet--
    zlauncher (RAM)
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    Hi safisam!!

    Sorry, I only know of this method: a hard reset, a clean install and add programs back via fresh installs (not from backups that may contain the corruption that is causing the problem), one at a time, one day at a time, until you are fully installed without problem or you find the software causing the problem.
    post #2

    The clean install takes your Palm backup folder on the PC out of the restore loop -- so all you get back is your PIM data (Contacts, appointments, memos, tasks) and no 3rd party software -- this should give you a "clean" machine you can then start over with. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks Perry,
    I'll try that now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by safisam
    Thanks Perry,
    I'll try that now.
    Good Luck!! and let us know. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

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