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    Hello everyone!

    I have gone through two Sprint 650 handsets to try to fix my bluetooth issues and still they are not solved.

    I have tried several different headsets (and an Acura MDX) with two 650 handsets and the people on the other side of the phone report missing words in most of my sentences. This is irrespective of the heaset or handset combination I am using.

    I have tried to reason with Sprint (an Oxymoron, I know) to no avail. They have told me that it is most likely my headset... when we go through the fact that it is happening on two Sony Ericson, one Logitech and an Acura vehicle they don't seem to know what to say. They have swapped the phone out but that does not seem to fix the problem...

    Any ideas from anyone!? I have the latest version of the software on the phone.


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