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    Hi. I just got my Treo 600 recently and I was able to avail Pocket Tunes for free via Product Registration.

    I have a TwinMOS 256MB MMC installed with about 50 songs but the Treo only sees 20 songs at a time. I tried installing the trial version of Busker it also only sees 20 songs.

    I checked the forums and I didn't see any problem like this. I tried reformatting the MMC with the Treo but the same thing happens.

    Help please?
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    In what directory are the songs? There's a limited number of files that can be seen if they're in the root; move them to /Audio.
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    Yeah I copied them to the root directory. I'll move them up to /Audio like you suggested. Will get back to you if it works.

    Thanks Bill.
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    Bill you the man! It worked!

    Thanks dude.
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